No credit check!

Our mission : to offer money loans between $100 and $1500, in less than 24 hours, with no credit check.

"No credit check" does not mean no check at all! We will verify that you have been employed for at least 3 months by looking at your income.

We use IBV technology, or instant bank verification, which gives us a view of certain elements of your bank statement from 90 days prior to your application. Among the information we see is the amount and frequency of your paychecks, as well as the amount of your living expenses. Our policy is not to exceed a certain debt ratio: our money loans should help you, not complicate your life!

100% reliable
The IBV goes through a request to your bank and therefore remains perfectly confidential and secure.

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Our Xtra Fast Process

1. Complete our online form.

This step only takes a few minutes and involves providing your personal information for your approval.

2. Approval

Our agents will process your request in 1 hour (according to our working hours), without a credit check. They will verify what amount you qualify for, with or without guarantee.

A few items related to approval: - You will need a valid ID, with picture. This must be digitized (scan) or photographed, in order to be transmitted to us electronically.

We use the IBV technology which gives us access to your recent banking transactions, without documents or impact on your credit report.

3. Signature

Once approved, all you have to do is sign the necessary contracts to confirm your approval. The 24-hour period begins after receipt of the documents completed in accordance.

4. Recevez
your loan!

The money will be sent to you by interac transfer to the email address provided in your request. Your loan should be available within 24 (working) hours!

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