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$750 money loan

It doesn't matter whether the loan you are applying for is $ 250 or $ 1,500, we won't ask you about your reasons for doing so. Do you need to do work on your car that was not included in your budget? $ 750 is the amount you need.

Where banks would deny you $ 750 in funding for insufficient credit, Prêt Xtra will approve it if you meet the eligibility and approval criteria. We are committed to supporting you in your projects or supporting you in your unforeseen events. Plus, your credit rating will not be affected. Remember, however, to take your loan deadlines into account when budgeting.

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The repayment of your loan

When finalizing your loan of money, we together determine your repayment schedule, including the frequency and amount of payments. All this information will then appear in detail on the contract which will be sent to you and which you must return to us signed after careful reading. Remember that you have the option to pay in advance the partial or full amount of your loan to save on loan interest.


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